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"I went to Serious Personal Training because I was unhappy with the weight I gained and I was in pain from my work in concrete and had low back and shoulder pain for a long time. I feel so great now after one month lost 14.5pounds and by doing the Corrective Exercise Program my pain is gone!  While fixing me up they taught me how to keep the pain away! Thanks Serious Personal Training!"

Denis P.

May 2021

"I started training with Jamie because I wanted to learn more about strength and nutrition and how to develop a healthier lifestyle. Even though I was nervous, having never tried this kind of training before and knowing it would be a long journey. I have found that I love the challenge! In the last 5 months I have not only lost weight but have felt stronger and more energetic every day! I'm excited to continue on from here!"


June 2020

"My husband and I wanted to gain more knowledge on proper techniques and gain strength while weight training. The healthy eating advice has been very helpful. We are so glad we joined up with Jamie and have noticed significant improvement in our health and energy level. We have found Jamie’s training to be beneficial and enjoy our great workouts with him. We appreciate his determination to help us and others feel good about themselves and comfortable at any level you are at in the training. We have noticed many positive results from strength, to correct weight training, to learning about healthy eating in the matter of months and continuing to feel the positive results. Thank you Jamie."


January 2020

"I decided to start training with Jamie because I wanted to improve the results of my workouts even though I was unsure that I could achieve better results. I have found that I get twice as much done in my work outs with Jamie. I have been working with Jamie for a year now and I am lifting more than I ever have in my life and I am in better shape than I have been for years."


August 2019

"I decided to start training with Jamie because I knew he was the person that could help me achieve new goals and also one that would help me change my life for the better. I started training with Jamie in August 2019. During the last 4 months I have been challenged and pushed by Jamie and he makes working out fun and inspires me to reach new goals. I had no hesitations when choosing Jamie to be my trainer because I knew his dedication to fitness and health and helping people reach their goals. I have found that being part of a small group training session makes you feel like you have a workout family and everyone is in it together, not like going to the big fancy gyms where I feel uncomfortable walking in the front door. I have already noticed the change in my life from losing weight, gaining muscle, having more energy, having a positive attitude and that when you set your mind to it anything is possible. Before I started with Jamie, I never really cared to run but I did because my two sisters did and they pushed me to do it. I signed up for a few 5K’s here and there and dreaded every second of it and always wondered if I would ever reach the finish line. But now that Jamie has helped me take control of my fitness and health, I am now running 10K’s and signed up for my first half marathon. Jamie trains with care and compassion and he does everything he can to help you reach your goal. I recommend Jamie to be your trainer."


January 2020


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