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Serious Weight Loss Program

This program is designed for men and woman frustrated with being out of shape and overweight.  Having tried all the fad diets and exercise programs which worked temporarily but always gained the weight back.  If you are struggling to lose the extra weight and keep it off then this program is for you.  We spend a lot of time working with our clients on both the nutrition and exercise components that are required to achieve Serious results.  You will experience more energy and motivation to create healthy habits and stick to them.  Are you Serious about gaining confidence and feeling better?


Serious Strength Training Program

This program designed for men and woman who are sick of feeling weak and dealing with pain while lifting. We help you perform better in your life and live in less pain.  Your everyday tasks will get easier and you will regain the strength to live again.  We will coach you to get stronger faster without the usual set backs caused by improper form and past/current injuries.  Are you ready to build some Serious Strength?  This is the strength program you have been looking for!


Serious Corrective Exercise Program

This program is designed for men and woman sick of dealing with pain.  Having been to the doctor and physical therapist many times and they just can't seem to fix the problem.  We correct your imbalances so you can experience pain relief and build strength in your weaker muscles.  Whether you have past injuries or repetitive job we will create the safest most efficient plan to help your body function properly and experience less pain.  You will gain more mobility, increased strength and better performance. This is the ultimate pain relief and rehab program.


Serious Stabilization Program

This program is designed for men and woman who feel unsure where to start and are just beginning to workout.  We help you build balance, flexibility and stabilization throughout the entire body!  We teach you the proper form and correct your imbalances so you can experience less pain while reaching your goals!  This will create a stable foundation, prevent future injuries and build strength in all the muscles of the body that are often overlooked and under trained!  


Serious Sports Training Program

This program is designed to build strength, speed and quickness no matter which sport you play!  We will create the best program based on your specific sport and help you reach your goals while correcting any imbalances!  This will help you reduce the risk of injury and increase your performance!  This program will up your game!


Serious Nutrition Program

This program is included in all the training programs!  We help you make the necessary changes to create a sustainable lifestyle to be as healthy as you can!  We create a plan that will give you more energy, heal your body and help you reach your fitness goals!  You are going to feel great!  70-80% of your goals will come from proper nutrition, this is why it is so important!  We will be with you every step of the way!  

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