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Personal Training for out of shape men and women who want to lose weight, relieve pain and build strength!

Lose weight safely and gain confidence

Increase Strength and relieve Pain

Create a strong and positive mindset

Practice Faith and have courage

Are you struggling to lose weight and sick of dealing with pain?

  • Your clothes aren't fitting right and you don't like the person you see in the mirror.

  • You have tried a few things here and there; you've tried multiple nutrition plans, and tried to keep active but nothing seems to stick. 

  • With every failed attempt leaving you feeling frustrated and hopeless.  

Are you unmotivated and feeling lost?

  • You don't know what to do at the gym so you end up doing the same workout regularly.

  • You are worried about trying new things because you don't want to get hurt or do it wrong.  

  • You need help with a workable plan and someone to coach you through it.

Are you too busy and lacking the accountability?

  • It's hard balancing a busy schedule of work and time with your family. 

  • But the cost is your health and caring for yourself. 

  • You just don't have the energy you used to and it's getting harder to make your health a priority.

It's time for you to get Serious and work on YOU!

  • Our programs work because they keep you accountable to a personalized plan that is focused on achieving Serious long term results.

  • If you are ready to take control of your health and feel good again click "Get Serious' for more information.

This Serious Program is the key to your success

We spend a lot of time working with our clients on the nutrition and exercise components required for achieving serious results.  We guide you every step of the way!


It's time to start eating foods that give you more energy, boost your metabolism and improve your mood. 

We provide all the tools and support for you to be successful.  Overcoming challenges together.

Nutrition is the foundation of all health and fitness. 


Increase strength, minimize pain and move better.  Performing your best in and out of the gym.

We teach you the fundamentals of lifting weights and cardio that are specific to your goals and experience. 

Progression based program that is updated every 4 weeks.


Develop the skills to be strong and positive by practicing faith, training your mindset and being held accountable.  


We provide you with knowledge and a plan of action, coaching you every step of the way!  

High Performance Coaching is essential for your success.



Meet Your Coach


I know the feeling of being weak and insecure.  Struggling with low back pain and weight loss throughout my life.   My low back would prevent me from doing the activities I loved.  I felt frustrated and self-conscience about the way I looked.  My health and my relationships were suffering.  I had enough.

I made a commitment to myself and my family to get Serious.  I got NASM certified to continue my education and started studying Corrective Exercise to help relieve my pain.  I created the Serious Personal Training Program to help others lose weight, relieve pain and build confidence. 


Throughout this journey I practiced Faith, trained my Mindset and held myself Accountable to the lifestyle and program.  I am proud to say it worked for me and I know it will work for you too.  


Our Programs


Personal Training

This is for people who:

  • Prefer a private setting

  • Have little to no exercise experience

  • Have previous injuries or chronic pain

  • Aren't getting results on your own

  • Lack confidence

Serious Result:

  • Learn to lift safely

  • Lose weight and build strength

  • Relieve pain and reduce risk of injury

  • Increase energy and stamina


Group Training

This is for people who:

  • Have experience working out but still want all the benefits of using a coach

  • Want fun and energetic workouts

  • Need new and challenging workouts

  • Aren't getting the results on your own

Serious Result:

  • Boost motivation and gain focus

  • Lose weight and build strength

  • Increase energy and stamina

  • Reduce stress


Online Training

This is for people who:

  • Have experience working out 

  • Want the flexibility of working out anytime and anywhere

  • Want a new and challenging program

  • Require the support and accountability of a coach

Serious Result:

  • Have a coach at your fingertips

  • Lose weight and build strength

  • Increase energy and stamina

  • Tracking progress all in one app

How to Get Started

Step 1

Schedule A Call

Book your FREE Serious Strategy Session so we can learn about you,  your goals and what you are looking for. We also give you information about how we work with our clients. 

Click "Schedule Call" below to fill out the form and we will contact you.

Step 2

Define Your Goals

We meet in person or online to do a consultation so we can review your goals in more detail and go over our Serious Programs to find the right one for you.  We will cover all the information you need to make an educated decision.   

Step 3

Choose Your Program

Get the results you want by choosing the Serious Program that best fits your goals and motivation.  With our knowledge, experience and accountability we guarantee your success! 

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Real People with Serious Results.

"I owe the biggest thank you to my trainer Jamie Stute who has helped me shed 6.5% and 13 lbs. of body fat, along with 10 inches gone and I've gained 6 lbs. of muscle!  Thank you for believing that I am stronger physically and mentally than I thought.  You are helping me change my life."

Elisa S.

Nov 2019



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