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Personal Training for frustrated men and women who want to lose weight, relieve pain and build strength!

Jamie stute

Owner/Personal Trainer


I help out of shape men and woman dealing with pain, transform into confident and strong individuals who feel great!


I have struggled with low back pain and weight loss throughout my fitness journey.  I felt frustrated and self-conscience about the way I looked.  On top of that my low back would prevent me from doing the activities I loved.  Something had to change. 

With the help of my awesome wife who is an Integrative Health Practitioner, we created my Serious Nutrition Plan and I learned Corrective Exercise.  After incorporating them into my daily life I now feel strong, energetic and confident!  I am now living a more pain free and high-performance life! 


Change isn't always easy, but it is necessary.  I am here today with the results I have because I didn't give up, I embraced the change.  I want you to experience this too!

Coaching my clients to experience weight loss, pain relief and building strength is really fulfilling to me.  I am blessed to be able to build relationships and help change our lives!

Trainer Tony Flores

Tony Flores

My whole life I have been a skinny guy who suffered from depression and anxiety.  I always felt down on myself for being underweight.  I always wanted to get bigger and stronger.  One day I decided enough was enough, so I went to the gym to build muscle and confidence!  After completing the Serious Training Program I gained a passion for health and fitness and decided to help coach others experiencing the same things I did.  My fitness journey is not over.  I help men and woman feeling weak and defeated, transform into confident and strong individuals.

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Maddie Briggs

Personal Trainer

I played multiple sports growing up and started weight lifting at age 14.  It was another outlet for me to clear my anxious mind.  And at age 17 after having open heart surgery I started to take fitness more serious.  I used the gym as a way to get myself out of the depression I had after surgery.  I gained more self confidence and empowerment.  I love working toward goals that create a better and healthier me. 

I inspire men and woman sick of feeling down and overweight, transform into confident and strong individuals. 

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Personal Trainer


Tel: 763-220-9664

Email: stute21serious@gmail.com

2421 Coon Rapids Blvd 

Coon Rapids, MN 55433

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